DoubleDown Interactive

My position at DoubleDown Interactive allowed me to expand my abilities to include overseeing and optimizing the workflow of asset creation through multiple team members and departments. I furthered my understanding of the Zend PHP Framework and the multiple test environments. DoubleDown Interactive tracked projects through Jira, Confluence, and Mercurial Bitbucket; working within both agile/scrum and waterfall project structures. I was called upon to maintained the SEO pages on a quarterly basis for this predominately Flash based game. While at DoubleDown Interactive, I spearheaded the implementation of responsive email templates and landing pages which were distributed via ExactTarget. Provided written specifications for the email templates for the eight designers in our Marketing Art department to use as a reference. Created divergent campaigns for A/B testing of user behavior which was collected through ExactTarget and Google Analytics. Later, I initiated the integration of the Customer Service and QA departments to interweave our asset review process with the CS team to proofread the five languages available on the site and QA Engineers for asset functionality testing. On any given day we would have four or more projects moving there way through the review process involving ten people and five departments, fast paced production timeline and tight deadlines. At the height of the holiday season we created, reviewed, tested and pushed to Production over 320 assets in 6 days. Here are a few examples of the pages and email templates I created while at DoubleDown Interactive: